I provide support and guidance for sensitive, empathetic women who live the urban life, to thrive by embracing their strengths, to have support with healing, to connect to Earth and their own true nature.

My name is Katia Krassas and I am a Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner,
Facilitator of Women’s Circles, Retreats, and I am inspired in my work by Nature.

In my role as facilitator I assist people to live an authentic, collaborative life.

Some of the areas I focus on are emotional resilience, mind body healing, following one’s intuition, expressing one’s truth, owning one’s strengths, uniqueness, and creating connection.

I work with clients to be in their truth, to find their healing path, to find alignment in body, heart and soul, as beings of this Earth.

Discover pathways to your own true nature, and to create a vision for your life.