Wellbeing for Women

Katia Krassas offers emotional support and practical guidance for women.

Her special interest lies in creating pathways for sensitive, empathic women who live the urban life, to thrive by embracing their strengths, and have support with healing.

Modalities include:
Holistic Counselling; Reiki; Meditation, Women’s Circles; Nature Retreats.

Gain insights and make informed choices to create change,
in alignment with your wisdom and values.

Support is available for -

Developing Strengths
Managing Sensitivity in a Faced-Paced World
Increasing Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem
Increasing Emotional Resilience
Harnessing Mind-Body Healing
Developing Assertiveness and Clear Boundaries
Deepening Relationship with Nature and Mother Earth

Katia’s vision is for women to be empowered and aligned in body, heart and soul.

Create pathways to your own true nature, and the vision for your life.